About Us


Mediation allows clients to work out their differences and conflicts in collaboration with—but outside of—the court system. This is both cost effective and time saving for all concerned, as well as emotionally rewarding. The process is held in a safe environment created by the mediator. Professional facilitation can benefit any organization from families to leadership groups to for-profit and non-profit governing boards. It helps clients express their grievances and feelings of wrongdoing, as well as their needs and wants. They are guided to use a communication style where the other side can both hear and respond.


There are many advantages for clients who choose mediation:

  • They keep their point of power and stay in control of the process instead of giving it to a judge or other authority.
  • They reconcile situations that have been in dispute for years, often saving thousands of dollars.
  • Clients are supported by relationship experts whose goal is to facilitate resolution.

At Aviv Mediation, we are always attempting to achieve a win/win solution, but sometimes the best result of the mediation process is agreeing to disagree. This may still be very powerful as the visceral emotional reaction is neutralized. We assist in creating an agreement where ultimately both parties are satisfied.


We recommend mediation in all areas where there are disputes, conflicts or interpersonal complaints. This applies to families, corporate organizations and to nonprofit systems of any size. We believe that if you call us to help resolve conflict before resorting to the legal system, we can serve your needs while saving great emotional and monetary expense.



Dr. Aviv is a seasoned practitioner who is flexible and eager to share her knowledge. She takes you on a journey of self-exploration where you learn to identify the emotional obstacles that block you from happiness and achievement. You will learn to connect to yourself in a self-approving way and understand that your relationship with yourself is the key to your healthy relationship with others.

Using mindful mediation skills, Dr. Aviv can help you manage conflicts as an individual, a parent, a child, a sibling or a spouse. You will learn communication skills that will engage others in listening to reduce defensiveness and increase positive connections.

Dr. Aviv holds holistic views where mind, body and spirit are interconnected. You will learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress and to find inner peace and clarity. This will increase your energy and empower your well-being.



Coaching social and emotional intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in coaching today for life coaching and executive/corporate teams.

We now know from extensive scientific studies that it’s not how book smart you are, but how people-smart you are that makes the difference. Emotionally intelligent individuals have the ability to tune into their emotions and use this information to make better decisions and more effectively interact with others.

Some professionals estimate that our success in work and life results 80% from our emotional quotient (EQ) and 20% from our intelligence quotient (IQ). And unlike IQ, which remains the same throughout our lives, EQ can be learned. Coaching is the best way to learn and enhance social and emotional intelligence. Our coaching expertise, knowledge and skills with emotional intelligence will build self-confidence, self-awareness and the enhanced ability to make good, sound decisions.